HelpU Features

Mobile remote support

Customer support wherever, whenever with HelpU for Android!

Existing customers can simply download the HelpU mobile app on Play Store to start remote support on a computer from their smartphone.

HelpU for Android
Up to 85% cheaper than competitors

Reasonably priced remote support

cost-effective remote support solution.It is the most affordable, comprehensive remote support, and up to 85% lower in cost compared to other solutions

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Help you anywhere, with a web-based remote support!

Web-based remote support technology that requires no installation, enables support anytime, anywhere over the Internet.

Robust security and stability

Secure remote support is provided by encrypting data through SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Additionally, the access authentication password is randomly generated, while random reconnection or unauthorized access is blocked by allowing access once with a one-time password that is automatically deleted after the session.

HelpU advanced features

HelpU for Android
Remotely support your computer from your Android device
Agent screen-sharing
Remote control from both ends—agent to customer’s screen or customer to agent’s screen
Invite another agent
Invite another agent during remote session if additional help is needed
Take a screenshot or record the remote session for later use

HelpU functions

View and share the remotely controlled computer screen
Mouse control
Control the customer’s mouse
Control keyboard
control the customer's keyboard
Send file
Send file function during session
Receive files
Receive file function during session
File transfer
Two-way file transfer (drag and drop, copy-and-paste)
Multi-monitor support
Even with dual monitors or more, all monitors can be easily managed
Agent can draw on the customer’s screen
Take a screenshot of current remote screen
Send and sync clipboard
Send agent screen
Send the agent screen to customer’s computer (control not allowed)
Chat with customer during remote support
Task manager shortcut
Task manager can be opened (CTRL + ALT + DEL)
Laser pointer
Display laser pointer on customer’ screen
View process info
Check and control process information on customer computer
View system info
View the customer’s system information
Control panel
Open control panel to install and remove program, as well as to change date and time, internet options, display settings and more
Reboot and reconnect
Automatic reconnection after rebooting customer’s computer
Prevent duplicate login
Customer can disconnect existing connection if duplicate login occurs
View full screen
Full screen view of the remote screen
Windows start button
User can click on the windows start button
Command prompt shortcut
Run windows command prompt
Automatically scroll the remote screen
Stop agent control
Customer can stop remote control from the agent
Admin management
Manage agents and check data regarding remote support sessions. Also supports online payment.
Button-click access
Start remote support by simply clicking on a number button from the agent
Verification code access
Easy access by entering the code given by the agent
View record/statistics
View statistics and record by agent, date/time, month, etc
Private access page
Private customer portal page can be provided
Change logo image
Change the customer portal page and integrate company’s logo