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We Work With 8,000 Companies.

Why HelpU Easy Help for Both You and Your Customer Experience our unique product for free!

Web-based console

Start support session from your
browser with a simple plug-in.


Share and view the connected
customer's computer screen.

Remote control

Remotely view and control
the computer's system info.

File transfer

Both ends can safely send and
receive files during your session.

Invite another agent

Invite another agent during a session
to collaborate and fix issues.


Save a screenshot or record
customer's screen during session.

Supports latest release

Windows 10, Android,
macOS and more.

Private customer page

Provide a private access page
made just for your customer.

Dual monitor

Even when customer is using dual monitors, view everything
at once and switch between monitors with ease.

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Monthly Rate
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25,000 Won Per Month
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no additional costs.

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